Our Club Water

For the first time the Club now has its own water – the Hallowell section of the River Trent, above Stoke Weir. The fishery is rented from Radcliffe Parish Council, which now owns the land, and comprises about 800m of the Trent as well as a natural pond complex. Day tickets will be sold on the bank from June 16th.  Be aware that access involves two (alternative) flights of steps, one by the Rockley Memorial Park and the other at the end of Valley Road.  We recommend taking the minimum amount of tackle! 16c1416bdc210750ffff800fd4355564

We hope that all anglers wishing to fish at Hallowell will fully endorse our simple and sensible aims and rules:

Enjoy excellent river or stillwater fishing in beautiful surroundings;
Catch bream to over 6lb, chub to over 4lb, dace to 9oz, perch to over 2lb, as well as pike, roach and tench;
Get severely tested by the very occasional river carp!16c1416bdc210750ffff8012d4355564

1. Inconveniencing local residents – in particular, parking in front of driveways
2. Damaging trees and bushes or cutting into the river bank to make steps or seat-box areas
3. Disturbing wildlife
4. Lighting fires
5. Leaving litter of any kind
6. Removing (or introducing) fish, or transferring fish from river to pond, or vice versa.
7. Fishing the river between March 15th and June 15th inclusive (National Close Season)
8. Keeping any fish of over 6lb in a keepnet unless taking part in a club match

2 thoughts on “Our Club Water

  1. Fished last Sunday after a long time off. Had a wonderful day teaching my son the basics. Will be joining soon.


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