We are a relatively small (approximately 35 members), friendly club – but always keen to welcome like-minded anglers of all ages.

We organise around 20 Sunday matches each year, which are generally held at fortnightly intervals from April through to November.

Although the club owns some nice trophies, the matches are not taken too seriously – they are considered more of a means to a day out on a variety of different waters than anything else!

The match venues are chosen with considerable care to give a balanced calendar to suit most people. For instance, some are usually fished on selected local stretches of the Trent whilst others are held at some of the best still-waters in the area.

We are always looking to include new venues in our match list.

As a guide, current (2021) membership fees are:

£30.00 for adults
£20.00 for concessions

We have special categories in the matches for junior members, who are always made most welcome and whose fees we subsidise.

For more information please complete the form below or contact: Mark Baker (Chairman)

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