Hackett’s Lakes – 15th July 2018

Big Lake

  1. Phil Johnson     80lb  4oz
  2. Andy Patton      69lb  3oz
  3. Colin Elliott       55lb  3oz

A total of 23 Radcliffe warriors turned out for this match at Hacketts’ Big Lake, with the venue having been swapped from the unfishable Grantham Canal. Early indications were that a lot of the resident carp were holed up in the top bay. For the first time, we had pegs all along the roadside and across the top bank, so attitudes were looking positive and there were hopes for a good day’s fishing.

At the draw, Nick Martin drew favoured peg 31, along the top bank. Meanwhile, Mark Baker (who had said that he’d ideally like peg 14, in the main basin) surprised everyone (not really) as his luck came through and he drew 14!

As the match kicked off (on time), early indications were that the pegs in the top bay were producing some good early fish as expected. Phil Johnson (on peg 26) found some nice lumps down the side, fishing paste. Andrew Patton (on peg 25) also found some early fish, fishing the waggler and a short feeder line.

By the end of the match, Mark Baker had finally found some fish in the main basin and the lads along the top bank were now all steadily catching carp. The match finished with Phil Johnson taking 1st place with an impressive weight of 80lb 4oz, followed by Andrew Patton who came in 2nd weighing 69lb 3oz. Third place eventually went to Colin Elliott, who pipped Mark Baker to the post by 3oz, finishing with a total weight of 55lb 3oz.

Angler of the day went to Phil Johnson – nice to see the old dog’s still got it!


Lindholme Lakes – 2nd September 2018

Beeches Lake

  1. Mark Baker       148lb  8oz
  2. Andy Paton       137lb  0oz
  3. Craig Foulds     134lb  4oz

Only 13 Radcliffe Warriors turned up to fish our first club match at Lindholme Lakes.  The club had booked 23 pegs on the lake and as such needed to pay an extra £80 to make up the shortfall.

Beeches Lake actually has 37 pegs and we were given the whole lake to fish.  The owner pegged the lake, giving all anglers plenty of room and the promise of a great day’s fishing.

The lake itself is a former trout lake, and as such there is some good depth in open water.  The lake is also overgrown and wild and we were warned that the fish run into doubles and scrap well. This certainly proved to be the case!

Winner on the day was Mark Baker who started on the bomb and pellet tactics, before picking a few more fish up on the pellet waggler.  Mark then switched to banded pellet to his right margin and caught steadily throughout the day.  His left margin had been primed with groundbait and maggots and this came alive in the last hour.

Runner-up was Andy Paton (Cupcake) who started on long pole, picking off fish steadily, before focusing on his left margin.  Cupcake ended up fishing tight red Hydro elastic just to stand a chance of preventing the fish getting into the snags.

Craig Foulds made a rare appearance and took third place.  Craig found a flat area in his left margin where it ended up being a decent carp every put in . . .   if only he’d found it earlier!

Barry Stokes drew famous peg 1 – famous for holding larger fish that live in the stick-ups.  Unfortunately, on this peg you need seriously heavy equipment to stand a chance of getting the fish out.  It was an early bath for Baz who sadly snapped his no4 section and top kit, plus lost lots of other tackle in his bid to stop them getting in the sticks.

All the anglers that turned up to fish Beeches thoroughly enjoyed the day.  This is certainly one to discuss regarding future bookings.

Boddington Reservoir – 1st July 2018

  1. Mark Baker           127lb 14oz
  2. Charlotte Baker    121lb 11oz
  3. Josh Derry             101lb 14oz

Fifteen Radcliffe early birds made the long trip out to Boddington Reservoir and we were greeted with a stunning, yet intensely warm morning, with early indications showing that the carp were amassed between pegs 1 and 8, along the dam wall. Excitement grew in the car park as to who would end up on the favoured pegs.

The draw was a little late as team Super Cooper had suffered navigational issues en route, but joined the rest of us before too long. On the draw, Charlotte Baker gleamed as she drew favoured peg 3. As per normal, Mark Baker also drew well to end up in the ‘hot zone’ on peg 6.

As the match got started, the favoured pegs seemed to be catching steadily, meanwhile Barry ‘sunstroke’ Stokes and new superstar Andrew Patton struggled on, having drawn the middle pegs. As the match progressed, early indications were that Charlotte Baker was emptying the place, fishing the feeder, with Mark Baker also catching well and junior angler Josh Derry finding some good, early fish. As temperatures rose and the day went by it was easy to see that Barry Stokes’ frustrations were also on the rise, with young Harry Strutt on peg 11 being set a new challenge – dodging Barry’s wayward carp!

Junior angler Oliver Strutt also had some bad luck after a carp dragged his rod out into the lake, but never one to be defeated, top man Martyn Staley soon stripped down to his pants and dived in, reclaiming the rod for Oliver – well done Stal!

Andrew Patton caught two very large carp fishing the bagging waggler, but bites were hard to come by. In the end, 1st place went to Mark Baker (127lb 14oz), with Charlotte Baker (121lb 11oz) chasing his heels to come in 2nd – a fantastic performance and her first 100lb plus weight; well done Mrs B! Another fantastic weight of 101lb 14oz helped young Josh Derry to claim 3rd place overall – again, well done Josh!

Angler of the day this week goes to two equally deserving anglers who demonstrated top skills and were rewarded as a result – Charlotte Baker and Josh Derry.

River Trent, Fiskerton & Rolleston – 17th June 2018

  1. Mark Baker          18lb  3oz
  2. Barry Stokes          6lb  8oz
  3. Greg Chapman      2lb  9oz

With it being the first match of the year on the River Trent, anticipation levels were high as the Lamcote Cup came around once again. Nine Radcliffe legends were to take part, dividing into teams red and black. Team Black captain, Mark Baker, had high hopes when he drew out famous barbel peg 22 at Fiskerton. For the rest of the Radcliffe legends it would be a game of chance and hope.

The match kicked off on time, with the river looking low, moody but also exciting. Two hours in and rumours began to circulate up and down the bank that Mark Baker had already had an 11lb barbel. Meanwhile, Barry Stokes on peg 18 at Rolleston, who had spent two hours on the feeder trying to catch bream with no success, had now switched to the waggler and was catching roach at a steady pace.

Greg Chapman, captain of Team Red and also pegged at Rolleston, was finding some quality roach on the feeder.
As the day drew on the low river conditions made for a challenging match for all taking part, with Radcliffe’s Team Black finally finishing 4th overall and remaining in strong contention right to the final whistle – well done lads!

On a Radcliffe note, Mark Baker continued from his early lead, taking a clear 1st place with an impressive river weight of 18lb 3oz. Barry Stokes then came in 2nd with a hard-earned 6lb 8oz and Greg Chapman fishing hard to the last took 3rd with 2lb 9oz.

Angler of the day has to go to Mark Baker with his impressive 11lb barbel.

Roll on to next year’s cup when ‘Super Cooper’ will be stepping up to captain a new team!

Janson Fishery – 27th May 2018

Match Lake

  1. Mark Baker        122lb 10oz
  2. Nic Wort            114lb  7oz
  3. Andrew Patton    89lb  2oz

23 Radcliffe hopefuls turned out to fish the Match Lake at Janson’s Fishery. At the draw, everyone was hoping for peg 12 or a peg in the 30’s. However, ‘true to style’, it was Mark Baker who finally drew peg 12!

The match got under way and it soon became obvious that the lake was not going to fish as everyone had hoped for. Nic Wort got off to a good start catching shallow on maggots, before switching to fishing down the edge. Mark Baker eventually took a hard-earned victory, catching on worm with a final weight of 122lb 10oz. Nic Wort came in second overall with 114lb 7oz and Andrew Patton fished a good match to finish third with a weight of 89lb 2oz.

Angler of the day went to Phil Bridges who had a fantastic net of skimmers – well done Phil!

Aldercar Lakes – 20th May 2018

Acorn Pool

  1. Andrew Patton     82lb  6oz
  2. Barry Stokes         66lb 11oz
  3. Josh Derry            65lb 12oz

A total of 17 Radcliffe legends made the long trip out to Aldercar Lakes. Ray, however, found himself sitting in the café at Hemmington Lakes, amazed at the poor turnout! Once Ray joined the rest of the club at Aldercar the draw got off on time. With everyone hoping to draw the end pegs on Acorn Lake, it was Nick Martin and Greg Chapman who drew the favoured corner pegs.

The match kicked off with Nick Martin finding some early carp. Andrew Patton also found some early fish, fishing caster shallow. Meanwhile, last year’s lake winner, Nic Wort, seemed to be having a rather frustrating day being pegged alongside Barry Stokes and ‘Cupcake’ and clearly feeling the pressure.

As the match progressed, Andrew caught carp steadily, as did Barry Stokes, but it was Andrew Patton who went on to win the match with a weight of 82lb 6oz, leaving Barry to take second place with a weight of 66lb 11oz.

Young Josh Derry, fishing a combination of the pole shallow and the feeder over to the island, fought well to finish third overall with a weight of 65lb 12oz.

Angler of the day went to Josh Derry for his impressive performance, which was eventually rewarded with a well-deserved third place.

Hackett’s Lakes – 13th May 2018

Big Lake

  1. Phil Aldridge         63lb  0oz
  2. Ian Farrow             24lb  0oz
  3. Charlotte Baker     18lb  0oz

Twenty-four Radcliffe superstars rocked up ready, hoping for glory – unfortunately, the weather had other plans! With the fish spawning for most of the week and temperatures reaching up to 25°C, it proved to be a challenging day on the bank.

Mark Baker was soon into a decent carp fishing the pellet waggler, and Phil Aldridge (on peg 36) also found some nice carp on the wag, but for the majority of those fishing there would be more sun caught than fish!

Phil Aldridge took a well-earned victory, with a winning weight of 63lb; Ian Farrow (on peg 31) came in second with 24lb and Charlotte Baker worked hard to come in third with a weight of 18lb.

Angler of the day went to Charlotte Baker for her perseverance, which was eventually rewarded catching three decent carp in the later stages on the method feeder.

Portland Waters (Four Islands Pool) – 6th May 2018

  1. Ricky Smith       126lb  0oz
  2. Nick Martin         89lb  0oz
  3. Andrew Patton    75lb  0oz

Twenty-three Radcliffe hopefuls turned up for the latest RoTAS match, which was held at Portland Fisheries on Four Islands. We were greeted by a lot of fish showing on the surface so were expecting a good day’s sport.
The match kicked off on time, with Andrew Patton on favoured peg 5 getting off to an absolute flier, catching carp shallow, on the pole.
As the weather warmed up, it proved hard fishing for some of the ‘hemmed in’ pegs, but Ricky Smith (on peg 1) made good use of the space around him, catching carp initially by dobbing to the island and then later on catching on paste, fishing long and short. Rick went on to win the match with an impressive final weight of 126lb, giving him his first RoTAS win of the season.
Nick Martin took second off peg 25, catching 89lb of carp, shallow, on the pole.
Andrew Patton then took third place, with a finishing weight of 75lb.
Angler of the day went to Lee Coxon, fishing on peg 28, who had an incredible last two hours amassing an overall weight of 61lb – well done Lee!
Nic Wort put in a fine performance to overcome Mark Baker in the knock out cup.

Lake View Fishery – 22nd April 2018

Serpent & Lagoon Pools

  1. Nic Wort                71lb 11oz
  2. Barry Stokes         44lb  6oz
  3. Mike Atherton      32lb  1oz

Twenty-one Radcliffe legends made the trip up for this week’s match at Lake View. The match was to be fished over two lakes – Lagoon & Serpent. After waiting over an hour to be served for breakfast, the match finally began 15 minutes later than planned!

Nic Wort drew favoured peg 4 on Lagoon and made it count by catching carp and F1’s shallow on the pole; he went on to weigh an impressive 71lb 11oz for a match win.

Over on Serpent, Barry Stokes and Ian Farrow were both catching very small F1’s from the word go. Barry eventually managed to find some bigger bonus carp in the later stages of the match to finish up in 2nd place overall with a final weight of 44lb 6oz.

‘Superstar’ Mike Atherton also caught well on Serpent after his practice session earlier that week, amassing a weight of 32lb 1oz and taking 3rd place.

Phil Aldridge, also on Serpent, narrowly missed out on 3rd, finishing with a weight of 31lb 2oz and taking 4th place.
Mark Baker, fishing on ill-favoured Lagoon peg 19, put in a strong last hour to weigh 26lb 6oz and finish second on the lake, narrowly beating Fred Barry in the Knock Out cup.

Makins Fishery – 8th April 2018

Snake & Reptile Pools

  1. Mark Baker            75lb  4oz
  2. Phil Aldridge          64lb 10oz
  3. Andrew Patton      43lb  8oz

After an initial abandoned draw, the match got underway on time, with Mark Baker and Phil Aldridge drawing the fancied pegs 10 and 11 on Snake. Charlotte Baker got off to a flying start on Snake, 23 (a corner peg), landing her first carp only minutes into the match. From then on, however, it became quite clear that the fish were down in the fancied pegs, with Mark Baker and Phil Aldridge catching steadily throughout the day.

Meanwhile, on Reptile Pool, David Burton was catching a few fish, as was new club member, Andrew Patton.

The match finished with Mark Baker taking overall 1st, off Snake peg 10, weighing in 75lb 4oz, caught down the side on the pole and over to the ‘famous’ snags. Phil Aldridge also caught on the pole to finish 2nd with a final weight of 64lb 10oz.
New member Andrew Patton, fished well on Reptile 18, to finish overall 3rd with a final weight of 43lb 8oz.