Little John Lakes – 3rd March 2019

Robin Hood Pool

  1. Dave Burton      31lb  7oz
  2. Ian Farrow         23lb  8oz
  3. John Farrow       20lb  2oz

With the weather forecast promising a wet and windy day, the brave RoTAS 12 turned up ready to do battle with the elements.  As it was, the wind was not too bad, although the same couldn’t be said for the rain . . .

The top three weights all came from the same end of the lake, an area sheltered a little more from the wind than the rest of the pool. Dave Burton came out on top, catching small carp against the island from peg 3, fishing a feeder with punched bread on the hook.

Second and third places went to son and father double act, Ian and John Farrow who, despite struggling throughout most of the match, found a couple of lumps late on down the edge.

Current league leaders Josh Derry and Nic Wort both lost a few decent fish at the net which could otherwise have put them near the top on the day.

It’s all to play for in the final Winter League match, to be fished at Portland Waters on Long Island.


Lake View Fishery – 17th February 2019

Lagoon Pool

  1. Nic Wort                   14lb  8oz
  2. Bernard Robinson    7lb  9oz
  3. Josh Derry                  1lb 15oz

A quick glance at the winning weights and the results from this match speak for themselves.  It was a very tough day’s fishing, with the two best weights coming from the car park end of the lake. Half of the 10 anglers who fished the match either didn’t bother the scales or had less than 1lb.

As it was, Nic took top spot from peg 4, catching small F1’s from both sides of his margin.

Bernard was on peg 25 and his 2nd place weight was helped by landing a 5lb carp which he foul hooked in the tail – but they all count!

Josh took third place after landing just one F1 – which was also foul hooked!

Overall, it was undoubtedly a frustrating day as the lake looked good for a few bites.  There was a good shade of colour to the water and most pegs had 5ft of water down the track.  But that said, where were the fish?

Janson Fishery – 10th February 2019

Aubrey’s Lake

  1. Russ Attewell (visitor)   33lb 13oz
  2. Paul Edwards (visitor)   33lb  0oz
  3. Josh Derry                      32lb 10oz

This was the first time that the club had fished Aubrey’s Lake, which only opened towards the back end of last year.  We were advised by the owners to call by the tackle shop before we left to use the jet wash – and they weren’t joking! The newly laid path around the lake left all 17 anglers covered in mud and clay!!

We were hopeful for plenty of bites as the lake is stocked with chub, ide, skimmers, barbel and carp. Bingham’s Russ Attewell took the top spot on the day, catching carp around the 1.5lb mark from end peg 12.  Close on his heels was another Bingham angler, Paul Edwards, who also caught carp fishing up the far slope on pellet at peg 6.

Radcliffe’s Josh Derry put in another great performance to complete the frame. Fishing from peg 20, he caught silvers and carp by dobbing maggots on the far side.

Little John Lakes – 3rd February 2019

Robin Hood Pool

  1. Mark Baker         24lb 14oz
  2. Barry Stokes       22lb  1oz
  3. Dale (visitor)       19lb 15oz

Seven brave Radcliffe anglers turned up for the 6th round of the Winter League, joined by four equally hardy Bingham anglers.

Although the temperature was predicted to be as low as -6 degrees, we were assured by the fishery owner that his spinners would keep the lake ice free . . . !   Sadly, this was not the case and upon arriving we were greeted with the owner frantically boating around the lake breaking the ice. But the match went ahead, with some anglers having more ice-free water to fish than others.

Mark won the match after a few carp moved into his peg (number 10) after a couple of hours of nothing.  He dobbed bread to the island, fishing about a foot off the deck.  Things did get a bit tricky after he hooked a carp at the precise moment that a huge piece of ice drifted into his swim. But, after a lot of pole manoeuvring, the fish was safely landed!

Barry made a rare appearance and took second place from peg 18.  He caught in the final two hours on the bomb, cast into the gap between two islands.

Visitor Dale was on peg 9 and caught three carp at 7 metres on the deck, with one of these carp estimated at 12lb.

Hackett’s Lakes – 27th January 2019

Big Lake

  1. Mark Baker      49lb 11oz
  2. Harry Strutt      26lb  2oz
  3. Nic Wort             4lb  0oz

On a windy, cold day, nine hardy anglers turned up to fish this latest round of the RoTAS Winter League, which saw Mark take his first win of this series from favoured peg 49. He had five carp and five skimmers, all on the hybrid feeder. Most bites came between 25-35 minutes after each cast. Harry was on peg 52 and had three carp and a skimmer, all taken on yellow Wafters and by casting long into the basin. Nic battled hard to secure third spot from peg 36. He had two skimmers and a few bits.

Little John Lakes – 6th January 2019

Friar Tuck Pool

  1. Nic Wort                    46lb  5oz
  2. Craig Foulds              22lb  7oz
  3. Bernard Robinson    19lb  2oz

Nic drew the much unfancied peg 15 down at the far end of the lake. He may (or may not!) have moaned a little about this draw but Nic fished a great match. He caught a carp on maggot and short pole straight from the ‘off’, before opting to fish long on corn skins to build his match winning weight.

Craig fished into the stick-ups which ran along the bank from his peg (number 12) to the next.  This area certainly held a few fish, which Craig slowly extracted throughout the match to secure second place.

Bernard drew peg 21 and had a quick flurry of skimmers on maggot over pellet before switching to fish against the aerator.  He fed some liquidised sweetcorn and this resulted in two quick carp.

It was an expensive day for John Farrow, who had very briefly left his rod unattended whilst he moved his pole sections. Needless to say, the motionless rod suddenly sprung into life and was soon dragged in and lost by a sneaky carp.

Lake View Fishery – 2nd December 2018

Serpent Pool

  1. Josh Derry      17lb 13oz
  2. Mark Baker     15lb  9oz
  3. Nic Wort            8lb  0oz

This was a very disappointing match and one that we had hoped would have resulted in lots a fish.  It was so tough, in fact, that only one carp was caught.  Josh took his second Winter league win on the trot catching small F1’s and skimmers on various lines around his swim (peg 10).  A late decision to fish long to his right margin saw him catch the only carp of the match and hold off Mark.

Mark was on peg 13 and fished a similar match to Josh, chopping and changing and taking the odd small F1 from various different areas of his peg.  Fish wouldn’t settle and feed on any particular line, so rotating lines was vital.

Reigning Winter League champion, Nic Wort, fished peg 18 and did enough to secure third spot to keep the pressure on Josh.

Portland Waters (Long Island Pool) – 9th December 2018

  1. Paula Attewell (visitor)  40lb  9oz
  2. Colin Elliott                    22lb 10oz
  3. Ian Farrow                     21lb 11oz

This was match 3 of the RoTAS Winter League, with a total of 17 anglers turning up to fish. This included 7 Bingham anglers who are, of course, always very welcome.

Top place on the day went to Paula Attewell, who drew favoured peg 10 and fished the pole at 14.5 metres.  Paula caught carp on worm pieces.

Runner-up next door (peg 9) was RoTAS Team Scotland captain, Colin Elliott.  Colin also caught carp, but in his case on the method feeder cast to the island.

Completing the frame was Ian Farrow on peg 8, who caught well to start on rod and line tactics before his swim dried up.

Hackett’s Lakes – 25th November 2018

Big Lake  (Pegs 36-54)

  1. Josh Derry      106lb  4oz
  2. Nic Wort          28lb 12oz
  3. Ray Walker      26lb  3oz

A total of 7  RoTAS members and 1 visitor turned up to our first Winter League match of the 2018/19 season.

Mark had decided to peg the far bay as the wind would be off our backs . . .   but it would appear that Mark needs to go back to Weather School as the wind was blowing directly into our faces!

Josh drew the peg that all the anglers wanted (peg 49) and made no mistakes.  He was set-up to fish for skimmers, but soon realised that he was sat on a shoal of carp.  Hybrid feeder tactics saw Josh catch throughout the day for a very comfortable win.

Runner up was the lovely Nic Wort who also fished a hybrid feeder all day at peg 42, often leaving the feeder out there for over 20 minutes at a time.  Nic had 4 carp in total.

Ray Walker took third spot from peg 36, catching just 2 carp to weigh 26lb 3oz.

Portland Waters (Canal Pool) – 18th November 2018

  1. Mark Baker      50lb  9oz
  2. Nic Wort          36lb 14oz
  3. Rick Smith        32lb 12oz

This was Radcliffe’s final match of the season and was also their annual Fur and Feather match. The water level on the Canal Pool was massively down, as it was on the whole complex – approximately 2.5 feet on all the lakes.

But, in this match everyone’s a winner, with the club providing prizes for all members after the match.  The club also arranged for a buffet supper; the fish may not have been very hungry, but we were!

Lucky Mark took the last peg in the bag, which just happened to be the flier – peg 17 in the corner.  Nevertheless, it took over an hour for Mark to get his first bite, before steadily continuing to catch carp for the rest of the match, dobbing bread 10 inches deep.

Runner up was Nic Wort who had arrived at the match ready to do battle with ‘Cupcake’ in the KO Cup.  Sadly, Cupcake didn’t turn up and, with Nic catching, it guaranteed that he secured the KO Cup.  Nic caught on sweetcorn, fishing at peg 5.

Third place when to Rick Smith who dobbed bread near the aerator on peg 18 to catch carp throughout the match.