Little John Lakes – 9th April 2017

Friar Tuck Pool (R. Chapman Trophy)

  1. Colin Elliott         89lb 11oz
  2. Andy Gammon   63lb  9oz
  3. Charlotte Baker  53lb  6oz

What a day! We arrived at the fishery to find the gates locked and the owner nowhere to be seen.  After 45 minutes of waiting, Mark Baker contacted a local angler who knew where the owner lived – so they drove round and woke him up! The delay forced the match to be reduced from the normal six hours to five. On a positive note, the weather was sunny and glorious, with a mild but strong wind.

A total of 21 anglers fished the match, which was dominated by new members. Colin Elliott fished the method feeder all day from peg 22 to amass a decent 89lb 11oz for his match win.  Andy Gammon, another new member, fished for silvers most of the day at peg 19, catching ide, skimmers and carp to weigh 63lb 9oz.

Club secretary Charlotte Baker put in a great performance, catching on top kit plus one on meat, and also on banjo feeder with banded pellet, to finish with 53lb 6oz from peg 6. It would be impolite not to mention that Mark could only manage 12th place with less than half her weight!!

Early KO Cup results included wins for Steve Rutter, Colin Elliott, Gary Pilsworth, Kevin Elliott and Phil Johnson.

Portland Waters – 12th March 2017

Old Wood Pool  (Winter League – Match 10)

  1. Barry Stokes           18lb 14oz
  2. Greg Chapman       10lb  7oz
  3. Dave Burton             9lb  2oz

Ten members and two guests fished this final match in the RoTAS Winter League series, and all but one weighed in.

After the warmer weather during the previous few days, and with a couple of club members catching during practice in the week, optimism was high for a good day’s fishing – but alas, this wasn’t to be.

Dave Burton, the incoming Match Secretary, took the reins for this match. He was quietly pleased after following Mark’s normal habit of letting every other angler take all their pegs, to leave the flier in the bag for him!

But on the ‘all in’, it was clear from the start that the carp were not feeding. Barry ‘catch-and-release’ Stokes on Peg 2 lost one fish early on and was soon on his short line after the silvers. He caught steadily all day in patches for the win. Greg Chapman was on Mark’s favourite peg 24 and was also quickly on the silvers on a short line. He then hooked into a beast in the afternoon which took him half an hour to land but, with it earning him 2nd place, he wasn’t complaining! What about Dave Burton on the FLIER?? He had plenty of advice on how to fish peg 21 but, after catching a small F1 in the first 3 hours, he went on his short line for the last 2 hours and caught good size roach to settle for 3rd place.

Well done to Mark Baker (4th on the day with 8lb 3oz from peg 34), as he had already won the Winter League series despite others thinking he could be caught.

Thank you to all members for turning out this winter for RoTAS’s first Winter League and supporting your club.

Janson Fishery – 5th March 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 9)

  1. Nic Wort                45lb 15oz
  2. Richard Nickels     29lb  8oz
  3. Mike Atherton       24lb  6oz

Only five anglers fished this latest round of the RoTAS Winter League. The weather was a bit cooler after the warmer weather of the last couple of weeks; it was windy and rained for most of the day too!

Still, with only five fishing the match each angler had plenty of water – even though the bailiff fished on peg 4 for the day.

The match started a bit slow for everyone, with odd fish being caught dobbing, but a lot of foul hooking was going on again as the carp were not really feeding.

Nic struggled in the morning on peg 13, foul hooking a few but catching the odd fish. He also fed a line down the track with pellet and corn and went on this line for the last hour and a half, catching carp consistently for the rest of the match for the win.

Rich drew peg 7 (as Mark was not there to draw it!!) and fished down the track to catch a good net of silvers, together with a few small carp dobbing over, for his 2nd place.

Mike was on peg 1 and had 5 pegs to fish in, but caught mainly down towards Nic on 13, dobbing, to complete the frame.

Janson Fishery – 19th February 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 8)

1=  Mike Atherton   29lb  6oz
1=  Mark Baker        29lb  6oz
3.   Dave Burton       28lb  1oz

Possibly for only the second time in RoTAS history, there was a tie for first place in this latest Winter League match.  Nine people took part and Mark drew favoured peg 7, (much to the disgust of his angling peers).  However, it was soon apparent that the fish were not holed up there like they had been over the cold winter months.  So, after foul hooking a couple, Mark decided to focus on fishing the deck and feeding little.  This resulted in a steady net of fish, all hooked in the mouth.

Meanwhile, Mike Atherton was on peg 13 and fished dead-depth down the track to catch a couple of decent carp, up to 9lb in weight.

Dave Burton had a frustrating day on peg 6.  He drew on some fish, but countless foul hooking of the fish soon moved the shoal of fish on . . .    into Mark’s swim next door!

Portland Waters – 12th February 2017

Long Island Pool  (Winter League – Match 7)

  1. Richard Nickels           55lb  0oz
  2. Barry Stokes               35lb  1oz
  3. Paula Attewell (vis.)    29lb  2oz

This was certainly the coldest and wettest round of the Winter League so far, with four of the fourteen anglers not bothering the scales at the end of the day.

Richard Nickels did the business to secure his second win of the series.  Rich drew favoured peg 10 and caught in small bursts of action throughout the day on the tip.

Barry fished the pole at 19m on peg 8 to catch carp against the island for the runner up spot. Completing the frame was visitor Paula Attewell, taking third place with a good net of small carp, all taken on the feeder.

Janson Fishery – 5th February 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 6)

  1. Bernard Robinson   44lb  2oz
  2. John Farrow             21lb  7oz
  3. Mark Baker              19lb 14oz

Ten anglers turned up for this latest match and it was Bernard’s turn to draw ‘in-form’ peg 7!  He dobbed bread at various depths to secure his first win on the winter series.

John Farrow was on peg 6 and caught carp and barbel throughout the day on expander pellet.  It was another frustrating day for John, losing 22 foul hooked fish and, just like last time at this venue, resulted in him having to settle for second place.

It was Mark’s turn to draw peg 3 in ‘The Bay of Doom’, named as such by Mike Atherton and Nic Wort!  Mark caught carp on bread dobbing and also with maggot on the deck.

Portland Waters – 29th January 2017

Heron Pool  (Winter League – Match 5)

  1. Mark Baker              19lb  7oz
  2. Bernard Robinson     6lb  4oz
  3. Craig Foulds               3lb 15oz

This was a really disappointing match for many, with one half of the lake producing 3 DNW’s in a row out of the 9 that fished the match.

Mark won the match fishing at 16m to a spinner on peg 6.  He fed a small amount of Swim Stim Black groundbait and caught 6 carp on the deck on single dead maggot.  This flurry of action lasted 45 minutes, and then ended with a biteless rest of the match.

Bernard was on peg 1 and took two carp on the pole at 13m in the open water before then losing one at the net.  As with Mark, that ended Bernard’s action for the day.

Craig caught 8 small chub fishing single dead white maggot off the island shelf at peg 3.

Janson Fishery – 22nd January 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 4)

  1. Mark Baker         21lb 12oz
  2. John Farrow        20lb  8oz
  3. Mike Atherton    12lb 15oz

What a cold day that was! The owner of Jansons left the spinner on the Doughnut Lake and this prevented the lake from freezing, unlike the rest of the complex.

Despite the weather, 10 anglers turned up and Mark won his second match of the series so far, taking six carp from ‘lucky’ peg 13 for his winning weight.  His catch was boosted by an 8lb+ carp which took his dead maggot just 10 minutes before the whistle for the “all out”.

John Farrow had a very frustrating day.  He drew in-form peg 7 but unfortunately went on to lose 17 fish throughout the match, costing him rather dearly in the end.

Janson Fishery – 8th January 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 3)

  1. Richard Nickels    56lb 14oz
  2. Mark Baker          49lb  1oz
  3. Nic Wort               16lb  7oz

Nine anglers fished the third match in this series, with Richard claiming his first Winter League match – catching decent sized carp on bread, dobbing at peg 12.  He caught the majority of his fish tight over, but with a few better fish down the track.

Mark drew peg 7 again, but he couldn’t quite emulate his previous victory.  He also fished bread across for carp, as well as taking ide and skimmers down the track on dead maggots.

Portland Waters – 11th December 2016

Four Islands  (Winter League – Match 2)

  1. Barry Stokes       31lb 15oz
  2. Mike Atherton    26lb  0oz
  3. Mark Baker         19lb  8oz

17 anglers turned up for Round 2 of the RoTAS Winter League, including 7 visitors.

Fishing was a lot harder than we had hoped, with the fish being spread-out and not really feeding.

Barry Stokes won his first Winter League match from peg 25, catching carp down his long right side margin and also under the platform to his left.

Mike put in a great performance to claim 2nd place, catching predominantly chub from next to the spinner on peg 18.

Mark drew favoured peg 22 but struggled to find many fish – he put it down to still being hungover from his work do! Excuses, excuses  . . .  !!