Club records

Records by Match:


Date Weight Angler Venue
Match Record (Still Water)
9/9/18 290.1.0 J. Farrow Janson Fishery (Whatton)
Match Record (River)
12/9/10 38.0.0 J. Urruty River Trent (East Stoke)
Junior Match Record 12/8/18 123.10.0 J. Derry Hackett’s Fishery
Aggregate Match Record 2018/2019 1422.0.0 M. Baker
Junior Aggregate Record 2018/2019 650.8.0 J. Derry

Records by Fish:

Fish Date Weight Angler Venue
Barbel 7/10/18 11.13.0 M. Baker River Trent, East Stoke
Bream 7/9/03 8.11.8 V. Ciampoli River Trent, Burton Joyce
Carp 12/7/20 19.0.0 R. Smith Barston Lakes
Crucian Carp 7/6/98 1.15.0 V. Ciampoli Sapphire Lakes, Newark
Chub 1/7/01 4.9.8 P. Aldridge River Trent, Radcliffe Viaducts
Eel 8/9/91


2.0.0 D. Stanley

S. Evans

River Trent, Hallowell

River Trent, Rolleston

Orfe / Ide 22/9/13


3.0.0 D. Cooper


Little John Lakes

Janson Fishery

Perch 28/10/07 3.0.0 D. Stanley Lake 5, Eye Kettleby
Pike 19/11/00 10.12.0 P.Aldridge Drayton Reservoir, Daventry
Roach 26/10/14 1.13.0 A.Carr River Trent (Newark Dyke)
Rudd 27/8/06 1.4.0 P.Aldridge Portland Waters, Flintham
Tench 22/5/05 4.12.0 R. Nickels L-Lakes, Rainworth (Mansfield)

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