Float Fish Farm (Two Islands) – 4th August 2019

  1. Mark Baker      174lb  15oz
  2. Colin Elliott      132lb 12oz
  3. Greg Wain        132lb  1oz

This was a new venue for the RoTAS Warriors.  In complete contrast to the previous match, the weather was dry and warm with a moderate breeze – which made a welcome change for the 16 anglers who fished the match!

Mark drew peg 5, which gave the option of a cast to the end of one of the two islands.  Mark fished a small hybrid feeder here most of the match to accrue 174lb 15oz and a comfortable win.

Similar to Mark, Colin on peg 8 also had a cast to the end of the other island.  Fishing a feeder to this spot saw him amass 132lb 12oz of carp for second spot, narrowly edging out Greg Wain who put in another great master class on pellet waggler fishing.

In the Knock Out Competition there was a win for Greg Wain, who will now face Richard Nickels in the semi-final at Decoy Lakes.

There were some notable individual fish caught, including a grass carp of 4lb 1oz by Mark Baker, and Richard Nickels had a ghost carp of 13lb 14oz.

Makins Fishery (Phase 1, Lake 2) – 28th July 2019

  1. Greg Wain      91lb   0oz
  2. Colin Elliott     72lb 11oz
  3. Josh Derry       31lb  7oz

The 15 anglers who fished this match experienced some pretty grim weather; the rain literally did not stop all day – in fact, it got harder!

Greg Wain won the match catching from unfancied B7 on pellet waggler.  All credit to Greg as his tactic surprised many, since there were no signs that the carp were up in the water.

Colin drew A4 and caught large carp from the off, casting tight to a cove in the island.

Little John Lakes (Maid Marian Pool) – 7th July 2019

  1. Mark Baker       189lb 10oz
  2. Greg Wain        163lb 10oz
  3. Phil Johnson     117lb 15oz

This match probably turned out to be the best we have known the venue fish.  Conditions were kind and, although overcast weather was forecast, the sun actually stayed out for most of the day. A total of 18 anglers weighed in, with 14 of them putting more than 50lb onto the scales.

Mark secured his first win of the season, weighing 189lb 10oz from peg 2.  Tactics used were hybrid feeder to the corner of the island and maggots in the margin on pole.

Greg also had a great day, securing 2nd place by catching carp all day on top kit plus one down the edge on corn and paste from peg 7.

Phil Johnson, aka ‘Moaning Myrtle’, started off slow but soon bagged up at peg 26 fishing the feeder to the island and pole down the edge.

Makins Fishery (Snake & Reptile Pools) – 23rd June 2019

  1. Colin Elliot      38lb  8oz
  2. Mark Baker    35lb 13oz
  3. Nic Wort         31lb  7oz

A total of 18 RoTAS warriors turned out to fish the first of two matches at Makins, with the club having a return visit at the end of July. On this occasion we were pegged over two lakes, Repile and Snake on Phase 2.

Although conditions looked spot on, the fishing was a little slower than we had hoped.  This was a real shame as the venue looks great, a very mature fishery with good depth and a variety of different fish species.

Colin Elliot (Captain of Team Scotland) took his first win of the season.  Colin fished a feeder into the gap at peg 4 on Snake Pool, catching carp throughout most of the match.  Colin’s weight was also enough to beat Nic Wort in the KO Cup!

Runner up on the day was Mark.  He drew favoured peg 12 in the corner of Snake Pool, returning a weight of 35lb 13oz that consisted of a mix of 50/50 carp and skimmers.

Third place went to Nic Wort with 31lb 7oz, the highest placed angler on Reptile Pool (peg 18).

Although the venue fished hard, the match itself was one of the closest as regards weights, with little more than 10lb separating the top 7 places.

In the Knock Out Competition, successful anglers included Colin Elliot (beating Nic Wort) and Rick Smith (knocking out Shaun Townsend).

Decoy Lakes (Oak Pool) – 9th June 2019

  1. Nic Wort                   99lb 10oz
  2. Bernard Robinson   72lb 12oz
  3. Martyn Staley           56lb  9oz

This was the first time RoTAS has fished Decoy Lakes for at least 10 years.  Upon arrival the owner advised that we would struggle as the fish had just finished spawning . . .  not the kind of news the 17 anglers fishing the match wanted to hear!

Nic Wort took top spot on the day, narrowly missing out on breaking the ton barrier from peg 26.  He caught a few carp on all methods, including pole fished shallow, margins and on the feeder.

Bernard drew peg 11 and had a brilliant start to the match, catching big carp on top kit plus one on the deck.  He was also fishing the Knock Out against Mark Baker and, with 19lb to spare, proceeded to knock Mark out of the cup.

Martyn took third place from peg 3, catching carp on the feeder.  He had his grandson join him for the day and young Keanan put in a great performance, catching 23lb 5oz in his first ever match – not bad for 12 year old!

RoTAS will be returning to Decoy Lakes in August.

Portland Waters (Old Wood Lake) – 12th May 2019

  1. Ray Walker        41lb  8oz
  2. Greg Wain         40lb  5oz
  3. Harry Strutt       40lb  3oz

This match turned out to be remarkable in that only 1lb 5oz separated the first three places. A total of 17 anglers fished the match, with Ray drawing peg 9 to secure his win. Greg was on peg 14 and Harry on peg 18, but it was tough for some people at the other side of the lake. The fish do not seem to have ‘adopted’ the new stretch of bank as yet.

The average weight was only 18lb 12oz but, on a positive note, it was a pleasant, warm and sunny day!

Barston Lakes (Big Lake) – 28th April 2019

  1. Bernard Robinson   27lb  6oz
  2. Martyn Staley           25lb  9oz
  3. Mark Baker              25lb  7oz

Overall, this was a disappointing match for the 18 anglers who made the trip to Barston Lakes, and certainly the lowest weights we’ve recorded at the venue.  Overnight rain had chilled the water and clearly put the fish off feeding.

Top spot on the day went to Bernard who caught steadily throughout the match from peg 28, catching skimmers on the pole, feeding casters.

Martyn drew end peg 41 and soon adopted the same tactics as Bernard, also catching a lovely net of skimmers.

Mark opted for an all out carp attack at peg 18 – and this nearly backfired, however he did manage to catch a couple at long range to secure third spot.

In the Knockout Competition, Charlotte Baker was knocked out by Andrew Kearsley, Ollie Strutt was knocked out by Mark, and Steve Aylward was knocked out by Josh Derry.

Martyn’s bag of skimmers

Lake View Fishery – 7th April 2019

Lagoon & Serpent Pools

  1. Dave Burton               39lb 11oz
  2. Bernard Robinson      31lb 14oz
  3. Greg Wain                   26lb  6oz

Dave Burton put in a great performance to win the match, which was spread across Serpent and Lagoon Pools.  Dave was on peg 14 in the far corner of Serpent Pool and caught on expanders over micro pellets.  Top Tip: Dave rotated swims, feeding whilst resting the area to keep bites coming.

Bernard also put in a great performance, catching plenty of small carp throughout the day from peg 19 – also on Serpent Pool.

Greg Wain was top rod on Lagoon, fishing from peg 11 he just managed to pip Richard Nickels by 4oz.

In the KO CUP, Phil Johnson beat Brian Devlin and will now face Harry Strutt. Greg Wain knocked Fred Barry out and will face Greg Chapman.

Portland Waters (Long Island Pool) – 17th March 2019

  1. Josh Derry         50lb  4oz
  2. Mark Baker        41lb  4oz
  3. Barry Stokes      34lb  0oz

This was the final Winter League match of the series and saw 8 brave anglers turn up to Portland Waters to fish Long Island pool.

Josh put in another great performance, fishing a small pellet feeder tight to the island at peg 7.  This win secures Josh the title of Winter League Champion 2019.

Runner up was Mark who drew fancied peg 10.  He opted not to get the pole out due to the horrendous weather forecast and instead fished a simple two rod match.  Mark caught small stockies on a mini hybrid feeder tight against the island.

Completing the frame was venue regular Barry Stokes, who also caught tight to the island at peg 3.

A thank you to all the 19 RoTAS members who participated in this year’s Winter League.  It’s great to see we have so many anglers who enjoy fishing our club matches all year long.

Little John Lakes – 3rd March 2019

Robin Hood Pool

  1. Dave Burton      31lb  7oz
  2. Ian Farrow         23lb  8oz
  3. John Farrow       20lb  2oz

With the weather forecast promising a wet and windy day, the brave RoTAS 12 turned up ready to do battle with the elements.  As it was, the wind was not too bad, although the same couldn’t be said for the rain . . .

The top three weights all came from the same end of the lake, an area sheltered a little more from the wind than the rest of the pool. Dave Burton came out on top, catching small carp against the island from peg 3, fishing a feeder with punched bread on the hook.

Second and third places went to son and father double act, Ian and John Farrow who, despite struggling throughout most of the match, found a couple of lumps late on down the edge.

Current league leaders Josh Derry and Nic Wort both lost a few decent fish at the net which could otherwise have put them near the top on the day.

It’s all to play for in the final Winter League match, to be fished at Portland Waters on Long Island.