Barston Lakes (Big Lake) – 12th July 2020

  1. Andy Paton       85lb 15oz
  2. Mark Baker       72lb  8oz
  3. Ricky Smith       68lb  9oz

Barston proved to be a popular venue choice, as evident in this sell-out 25 pegger.

This was the first time that the club has been pegged down the far end of the lake, and also with pegs spread over both banks.  Pegging was tight in places and rumours were that a lot of fish were being caught down the other end.

Andy ‘Cupcake’ Paton secured another win by catching large F1’s on pole fished shallow, and also pellet waggler, from peg 73.  Mark Baker was on peg 53 and caught five good sized carp on hybrid feeder fished both long and short to take second place.  Ricky had a slow start on peg 69 before switching to pellet waggler.  His catch included a new club record common carp of 19lb exactly.

River Trent (Viaducts & PowerGen) – 21st June 2020

  1. Nic Wort                   30lb  1oz
  2. Phil Johnson             26lb  4oz
  3. Andy Paton               20lb  4oz

This was a teams of four challenge match for the Lamcote Cup with a total of 14 teams taking part split over RoTAS, Barnstone, Long Eaton and Bottesford clubs.

On the day, Bottesford Gold won with 16 points, ahead of RoTAS Black on 20 points. The RoTAS Black team consisted of Mark Baker, Gary Pilsworth, Phil Aldridge and Nic Wort.

Nic took individual victory with a catch of bream on the pole feeder down the edge at peg 33 on the Viaducts.  Phil Johnson also had a cracking day just a couple of pegs away, catching 8 bream and losing a couple at Viaducts 35.

Mark was drawn not far from the Viaducts bridge and was left licking his wounds, along with Dave Burton, as they both lost big barbel which cost their respective teams potential 1st and 2nd places. Just to rub a little salt into those wounds, Rich Nickels had a short session on the Trent just a day or two later and landed the superb 12lb 12oz fish seen in the photo below! Apparently, Mark’s hook was nowhere to be seen!

Tom Skelton progressed to the next round in the KO cup.

Janson Fishery (Munroes Pool) – 14th June 2020

  1. Andy Paton        264lb 15oz
  2. Dave Burton      194lb  4oz
  3. Ricky Smith        166lb 14oz

A total of 23 anglers fished this match and, as predicted, the weights were high with plenty of bites and fish for everyone throughout the match.  Andy ‘Cupcake’ Paton took his first win of the season, catching out of his margins at peg 6 from the off.

Dave ‘Bagger’ Burton drew peg 16 and also put in a great match, narrowly missing out on the 200lb barrier.

Special mention should go to Junior member Keanan Staley, who weighed 93lb 8oz from peg 4, enough for him to claim 13th spot.

There were Knock-out Competition wins for Phil Aldridge, Ricky Smith, Dave Burton and Greg Wain.

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Holmedale Lake) – 31st May 2020

  1. Greg Wain               86lb  3oz
  2. Charlotte Baker      80lb  9oz
  3. Mark Baker             75lb  8oz

This was the club’s first match on Holmedale for at least ten years. It was also our first club match of the season following the lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 21 RoTAS warriors turned up and enjoyed being back out on the bank in the lovely sunny weather. The draw had taken place the night before over Zoom, which saw 13 of our club members tune it. Overall, the venue fished well and produced a close-run thing for the top four positions. Greg Wain took top spot with 86lb 3oz and also knocked Mark out the KO Cup in the first round. Greg also managed to prevent Charlotte from winning her first club match! She put in a great performance, catching throughout the day on the hybrid feeder. Although a little disheartened not to win, Charlotte was smug in the knowledge that she beat her husband Mark, yet again!

A mention should also go to Craig Rumford and Tom Skelton who have re-joined the club after a 15 year break – welcome back lads.

River Trent (PowerGen stretch) – 3rd November 2019

  1. Dave Cooper                                8oz
  2. Shaun Townsend                         4oz
  3. Greg Chapman & Dave Burton   2oz

This was a rescheduled match on what turned out to be a flooded river Trent, having been moved from the Viaducts the previous week.

Nine of the mightiest RoTAS Warriors turned up to do battle on the rising river! Info from the Fed was that you needed some cover and to be on the inside of the bend, pegs 6-12.  This seemed to be reflected in the results.

Options were limited, either a feeder/bomb down the edge or a light pole rig in the flooded back water slacks.

Dave Cooper showed his scratching skills by winning the match with a selection of small fish taken on the feeder at peg 12.

Shaun was on peg 8 and caught on the pole and maggot in a slack behind a fallen tree.

Other anglers stuck it out all day, hoping for a barbel/chub/bream or eel. However, sadly it seemed that they were all hiding and none of them turned up!

Willow Lakes (Hawthorn & Ash) – 15th September 2019

  1. Mark Baker          118lb 11oz
  2. Greg Wain              92lb  5oz
  3. Richard Nickels      80lb 12oz

A total of 18 RoTAS warriors turned up to do battle at Willow lakes, with the match spread over both Ash and Hawthorn Lakes.

The results reflected the fact that Hawthorn Lake was always the preferred pool to draw on, with the top three weights coming from it.

Mark drew peg 11 on Hawthorn (permanent peg 17) and was more than happy with his draw, having had this peg twice previously in open matches at Willow Lakes.  Mark fished banded 4mm pellet across to take a few early carp, before focusing down his left and right margins where he caught the resident big ghosties on a bunch of maggots.

Greg ‘KO Cup Champion’ Wain put in yet another great performance from peg 2 (permanent peg 1) on Hawthorn and caught carp straight from the off.

Rich Nickels was drawn on the best peg on the complex but struggled to start, before catching steadily in his margins for the last two hours.

Charlotte Baker put in a feeder fishing master class on Ash 12 to comfortably win her lake with 76lb 12oz, and taking 4th place overall on the day.

Also, a special mention for junior angler Keanan Staley who weighed in 48lb 4oz and smashed his granddad off the next peg!

River Trent (Viaducts) – 8th September 2019

  1. Phil Aldridge       9lb  5oz
  2. Steve Rutter        7lb 12oz
  3. Ollie Strutt           7lb  7oz

With the sun shining brightly, little breeze and crystal clear water, we all knew that this was going to be a tough match.  That said, it was a great turnout for our first River Trent match this season, with 17 RoTAS Warriors attending.

Phil Aldridge had a comfortable win from peg 10, catching roach and dace by switching between waggler and pole.

Steve Rutter was on peg 1 and fished a small maggot feeder. His catch of 7lb 12oz included a decent bream of about 2lb.

Third place went to Junior member Ollie Strutt, who put in a master class on the whip at peg 5. His net included some lovely plump roach.

Although the weights were generally low, everyone did actually weigh in and the Trent was full of tiny chub and dace. The signs are encouraging and hopefully the fishing will be great in a couple of years.

Hackett’s Lakes (Big Lake) – 1st September 2019

  1. Andy Kearsley     71lb 12oz
  2. Fred Barry           68lb 11oz
  3. Josh Derry           55lb 15oz

A total of 18 RoTAS warriors turned out to fish the popular Hackett’s Big Lake fishery.  The weather was rather chilly in contrast to the previous week, probably accounting for the fishing being tougher than we had hoped. On the day, the usual fliers (pegs 10-15) did not really perform.

Andy Kearsley took his first club win, catching both carp and skimmers from end peg 41.  ‘Irish’ Fred Barry settled for second spot from next door peg 42, catching carp on the method feeder.

Josh completed the frame, putting in a steady performance from peg 10 to take third place.

Charlotte Baker had a personal best carp with a fine fish of 14lb 10oz from peg 16, accounting for more than half of her 9th placed final weight of 25lb 10oz.

Sunday was the Knock-out Cup final, with Phil Johnson taking on Greg Wain.  As Phil was the first to get to the final it was him to draw first, resulting in Greg fishing the next peg to Phil’s right hand side.  Greg took an early lead and had Phil on the ropes for most of the match, until Phil landed one the resident big carp on his margin pole.  With Greg now knowing his lead was under pressure he just had to hope that Phil wouldn’t get anymore! Thankfully for Greg, Ricky soon called time on the match, giving Greg a narrow victory over Phil to take the KO Cup Trophy.

Rycroft Fishery (Moat Pool) – 21st July 2019

  1. Steve Rutter         58lb 12oz
  2. Mark Baker          53lb 14oz
  3. Martyn Staley       52lb 14oz

An excellent turn-out of 20 anglers fished this match, with Steve Rutter taking the honours in what turned out to be a fairly close battle for the top positions. He caught big carp on short pole from peg 7 to claim his first match win of the season.

Mark took runners up place by catching carp on sweetcorn fished on the long pole, on top of the sunken island at peg 21.

Third place went to Martyn Staley who caught some great lumps down the edge on paste at peg 9.

Decoy Lakes (Yew Pool) – 18th August 2019

  1. Rick Smith        171lb  5oz
  2. Colin Elliott       155lb  4oz
  3. Greg Wain        153lb 11oz

A total of 17 anglers fished this match, returning excellent weights that all exceeded 34lb. It produced the first win of the season for Rick Smith, who dominated the match from peg 20 – catching on bomb and pellet for most of the match, followed by paste in the margins for the last hour.

Colin drew peg 28 and made the most of the spare pegs either side of him. He fished a method feeder to the far bank to amass 155lb 4oz for 2nd place.

Greg Wain struggled for the first half of the match before switching to paste and slaying some margin mud pigs for 153lb 11oz from peg 7.

In the Knock-out Competition, Greg Wain defeated Richard Nickels and he will now face Phil Johnson in the final.

A new record ide was also caught – a specimen fish of exactly 4lb, landed by Mark Baker.