Barston Lakes (Big Lake) – 12th July 2020

  1. Andy Paton       85lb 15oz
  2. Mark Baker       72lb  8oz
  3. Ricky Smith       68lb  9oz

Barston proved to be a popular venue choice, as evident in this sell-out 25 pegger.

This was the first time that the club has been pegged down the far end of the lake, and also with pegs spread over both banks.  Pegging was tight in places and rumours were that a lot of fish were being caught down the other end.

Andy ‘Cupcake’ Paton secured another win by catching large F1’s on pole fished shallow, and also pellet waggler, from peg 73.  Mark Baker was on peg 53 and caught five good sized carp on hybrid feeder fished both long and short to take second place.  Ricky had a slow start on peg 69 before switching to pellet waggler.  His catch included a new club record common carp of 19lb exactly.

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