River Trent (PowerGen stretch) – 3rd November 2019

  1. Dave Cooper                                8oz
  2. Shaun Townsend                         4oz
  3. Greg Chapman & Dave Burton   2oz

This was a rescheduled match on what turned out to be a flooded river Trent, having been moved from the Viaducts the previous week.

Nine of the mightiest RoTAS Warriors turned up to do battle on the rising river! Info from the Fed was that you needed some cover and to be on the inside of the bend, pegs 6-12.  This seemed to be reflected in the results.

Options were limited, either a feeder/bomb down the edge or a light pole rig in the flooded back water slacks.

Dave Cooper showed his scratching skills by winning the match with a selection of small fish taken on the feeder at peg 12.

Shaun was on peg 8 and caught on the pole and maggot in a slack behind a fallen tree.

Other anglers stuck it out all day, hoping for a barbel/chub/bream or eel. However, sadly it seemed that they were all hiding and none of them turned up!

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