Float Fish Farm (Two Islands) – 4th August 2019

  1. Mark Baker      174lb  15oz
  2. Colin Elliott      132lb 12oz
  3. Greg Wain        132lb  1oz

This was a new venue for the RoTAS Warriors.  In complete contrast to the previous match, the weather was dry and warm with a moderate breeze – which made a welcome change for the 16 anglers who fished the match!

Mark drew peg 5, which gave the option of a cast to the end of one of the two islands.  Mark fished a small hybrid feeder here most of the match to accrue 174lb 15oz and a comfortable win.

Similar to Mark, Colin on peg 8 also had a cast to the end of the other island.  Fishing a feeder to this spot saw him amass 132lb 12oz of carp for second spot, narrowly edging out Greg Wain who put in another great master class on pellet waggler fishing.

In the Knock Out Competition there was a win for Greg Wain, who will now face Richard Nickels in the semi-final at Decoy Lakes.

There were some notable individual fish caught, including a grass carp of 4lb 1oz by Mark Baker, and Richard Nickels had a ghost carp of 13lb 14oz.

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