Barston Lakes (Big Lake) – 28th April 2019

  1. Bernard Robinson   27lb  6oz
  2. Martyn Staley           25lb  9oz
  3. Mark Baker              25lb  7oz

Overall, this was a disappointing match for the 18 anglers who made the trip to Barston Lakes, and certainly the lowest weights we’ve recorded at the venue.  Overnight rain had chilled the water and clearly put the fish off feeding.

Top spot on the day went to Bernard who caught steadily throughout the match from peg 28, catching skimmers on the pole, feeding casters.

Martyn drew end peg 41 and soon adopted the same tactics as Bernard, also catching a lovely net of skimmers.

Mark opted for an all out carp attack at peg 18 – and this nearly backfired, however he did manage to catch a couple at long range to secure third spot.

In the Knockout Competition, Charlotte Baker was knocked out by Andrew Kearsley, Ollie Strutt was knocked out by Mark, and Steve Aylward was knocked out by Josh Derry.

Martyn’s bag of skimmers

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