Lake View Fishery – 17th February 2019

Lagoon Pool

  1. Nic Wort                   14lb  8oz
  2. Bernard Robinson    7lb  9oz
  3. Josh Derry                  1lb 15oz

A quick glance at the winning weights and the results from this match speak for themselves.  It was a very tough day’s fishing, with the two best weights coming from the car park end of the lake. Half of the 10 anglers who fished the match either didn’t bother the scales or had less than 1lb.

As it was, Nic took top spot from peg 4, catching small F1’s from both sides of his margin.

Bernard was on peg 25 and his 2nd place weight was helped by landing a 5lb carp which he foul hooked in the tail – but they all count!

Josh took third place after landing just one F1 – which was also foul hooked!

Overall, it was undoubtedly a frustrating day as the lake looked good for a few bites.  There was a good shade of colour to the water and most pegs had 5ft of water down the track.  But that said, where were the fish?

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