Portland Waters (Canal Pool) – 18th November 2018

  1. Mark Baker      50lb  9oz
  2. Nic Wort          36lb 14oz
  3. Rick Smith        32lb 12oz

This was Radcliffe’s final match of the season and was also their annual Fur and Feather match. The water level on the Canal Pool was massively down, as it was on the whole complex – approximately 2.5 feet on all the lakes.

But, in this match everyone’s a winner, with the club providing prizes for all members after the match.  The club also arranged for a buffet supper; the fish may not have been very hungry, but we were!

Lucky Mark took the last peg in the bag, which just happened to be the flier – peg 17 in the corner.  Nevertheless, it took over an hour for Mark to get his first bite, before steadily continuing to catch carp for the rest of the match, dobbing bread 10 inches deep.

Runner up was Nic Wort who had arrived at the match ready to do battle with ‘Cupcake’ in the KO Cup.  Sadly, Cupcake didn’t turn up and, with Nic catching, it guaranteed that he secured the KO Cup.  Nic caught on sweetcorn, fishing at peg 5.

Third place when to Rick Smith who dobbed bread near the aerator on peg 18 to catch carp throughout the match.

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