Little John Lakes – 4th November 2018

Robin Hood Pool

  1. Mark Baker     120lb  0oz
  2. Josh Derry        98lb  5oz
  3. Ray Walker       80lb 13oz

It was pleasing to see a good attendance of 15 anglers, with surprisingly decent weights being caught for the time of year.

Mark won the match catching steadily all day from peg 8.  He started on banded 6mm pellet on the pole at 7m before following the fish out to 13m as they backed off.  Then, a chuck to the island with a couple of hours to go and he didn’t really look back, with a steady flow of decent carp coming to the net.  Mark actually weighed 131lb 13oz but, as he went over the net limit of 66lb in his nets, he was subsequently knocked back to 120lb.

Josh put in yet another awesome performance for 2nd place.  He caught on the pole at peg 23, but took the majority of his catch on the tip to the island.

Ray had a lovely day’s fishing to end the match in third place.  He was drawn on peg 1 and caught on the short pole throughout the match.

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