Willow Lakes – 28th October 2018

Ash Lake

  1. Mark Baker       27lb 12oz
  2. Barry Stokes     22lb  4oz
  3. Josh Derry          7lb 12oz

This match was scheduled to be fished over both Ash and Hawthorn Lakes.  However, upon arrival we were met by another club who had also booked Hawthorn.  Following a quick discussion with the owner, they admitted to a booking error! RoTAS were now forced to hold our match on Ash Lake only, as Chestnut only had approx. 6-12 inches of water in it.

Pegging was clearly going to be tight, with Barry and Mark pegging it as best they could. Weather wise it was a cold and damp day with the odd cold shower thrown in.

Mark took the last peg in the bag, which just happened to be peg 1.  Although not usually the best peg on the lake, with 14 anglers around the lake this particular draw did benefit from some space.  Mark dobbed bread around his peg before locating a few small carp in the margins for a win.

Barry drew 5 peg and secured second place by catching three decent carp for 22lb on the deck, using maggots on the hook.

Josh struggled for most the match with only a couple of silvers.  He didn’t give up, however, and was rewarded with a carp and third place.

‘CupWasp’ didn’t turn up to the match, the draw of his new girlfriend (Hornet) proving to be just too strong.  This meant that the final of the KO Cup will either be next week at Little John or at the Fur and Feather at Portland.

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