River Trent, East Stoke – 7th October 2018

  1. Barry Stokes     30lb  9oz
  2. Andy Paton        7lb  4oz
  3. Colin Elliott        6lb 12oz

This was the club’s first visit to this particular stretch of the Trent.  We were greeted with a sharp frost on Sunday morning, and a rising river.  In fact, the river rose a further 6″ throughout the match.

Information was that Peg 1 was the one to draw, this peg having won the Trent National for the last two years with chub and barbel.

On the day, Barry Stoke was the lucky angler to draw peg 1 and he made no mistakes, taking a comfortable win.  Barry fished a hemp and caster feeder tight to the bushes on the far bank, with maggot on the hook to catch 7 barbel.

Andy ‘Cupwasp’ Paton took 2nd spot from peg 12.  He put 4 large feeder loads of groundbait on the far side and then fished double halibut pellet.  After 13 minutes his tip bent round and he successfully landed a 7lb barbel.

Colin Elliott completed the frame, taking 3rd place from peg 2 after catching chub late on in the match. Mark Baker on the end peg (16), insisted that it felt like 100 miles from the car park, but he managed to catch some small silvers on the stick float for 3lb 5oz and 4th place.

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