Barston Lakes – 23rd September 2018

Big Lake

  1. Mark Baker      62lb 14oz
  2. Josh Derry        58lb  8oz
  3. Andy Patton     58lb  5oz

There was a great attendance for a match venue that was over an hour away from Radcliffe.  The weather started off cold and rainy, though this soon cleared up and left for a fairly bright afternoon – great for plane spotting, what with Birmingham Airport being so close!

The match fished harder than we had hoped, with the famous Barston carp not really wanting to play. Overall it was a very close match, with just one carp needed to win between the top four anglers.

Mark won the match from peg 48, catching small skimmers and F1’s. But he only just sneaked the win due to catching two bonus carp and three decent bream in the last hour.

Josh Derry, now of age to enter the pools, fished a great match. He alternated between rod and pole to catch steadily throughout the match. Josh is clearly hungry to win some money now, and he’s certainly going to!

Third place went to Andy Patton (‘Cupwasp’) who caught skimmers and F1’s all match – even though he claimed, “I just couldn’t get a bite”.  Andy also went through in the KO Semi-Final against Bernard Robinson.

A mention should also go to Harry Strutt who struggled to start, before getting his head down and catching a string of decent F1’s.

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