Janson Fishery – 9th September 2018

Match Lake

  1. John Farrow       290lb  1oz
  2. Rick Smith          244lb  6oz
  3. David Burton      220lb  4oz

13 RoTAS warriors (and 3 visitors) turned up to fish the Match Pool – it would seem that quite a few of the club regulars were not keen to fish this once popular venue choice.

John Farrow was on peg 10 and smashed the previous record, held by Mike Atherton from the same venue, with an impressive 290lb 1oz. All of John’s fish were taken down the margin. Rick Smith had a great day too, also beating Mike’s previous record with 244lb 6oz, with all his fish on paste in the margin. Third spot went to David Burton with another weight that beat Mike’s record. In fact, 9 RoTAS anglers (as well as all 3 visitors) weighed in more than 100lb.

The Knock-out Competition on the day involved Bernard Robinson against Phil Johnson, with Bernard going through to face Andrew Paton (‘Cupcake’) in the next round.

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