Hackett’s Lakes – 12th August 2018

Big Lake

  1. Mark Baker       139b 11oz
  2. Josh Derry        120lb  0oz
  3. Andy Patton     115lb  0oz

19 Radcliffe legends headed over to Hackett’s Big Lake for the second time this season. On arrival at the venue, it was soon realised that the day was not going to run as planned. Having agreed to have the same pegs as in our previous match (which was a success), we were greeted by a bunch of ‘bank tramps’ who had set up camp in some of the allocated pegs!

Following the pegging out, early indications were that the majority of the lake’s carp were holed up in the main basin (pegs 11–16). On the draw, it was easy to see that it would be the same old faces that would be blessed with these pegs. Having finally kicked off, it soon became apparent that being pegged at the top end of the lake wasn’t such a good draw. Poor Nic Wort found himself acting as target practice for an unruly carp angler and his spod!! Barry Stokes, who was also pegged at the top end of the lake also had unwanted company as he was faced with 6 carp rods directed at his swim (grrrr . . . !!)

Events of the day continued to unfold with Brian Devlin (on peg 26) almost being knocked off his chair as a 4oz lead hurtled passed his swim. Fair to say there was more bankside entertainment than fishing at the top end of the lake today!!

Meanwhile, at the civilised end of the lake, Mark Baker, Josh Derry, Andrew Patton, Phil Aldridge and several others were smashing the place to bits. As the match came to a conclusion, the results were nearly as dramatic as the unexpected events that had unfolded at the top end of the lake, with Mark Baker (on peg 12) taking 1st place with an astounding weight of 139lb 11oz. Second place went to an unlucky Josh Derry who, unfortunately, had gone over the weight limit of 60lb in both of his nets and would otherwise have left Mr Baker standing. Third place went to Andrew Patton who also went over in one of his nets, giving a finishing weight of 115lb.

Angler of the day went to Nic Wort for keeping his cool in an otherwise hellish situation!

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