Lindholme Lakes – 2nd September 2018

Beeches Lake

  1. Mark Baker       148lb  8oz
  2. Andy Paton       137lb  0oz
  3. Craig Foulds     134lb  4oz

Only 13 Radcliffe Warriors turned up to fish our first club match at Lindholme Lakes.  The club had booked 23 pegs on the lake and as such needed to pay an extra £80 to make up the shortfall.

Beeches Lake actually has 37 pegs and we were given the whole lake to fish.  The owner pegged the lake, giving all anglers plenty of room and the promise of a great day’s fishing.

The lake itself is a former trout lake, and as such there is some good depth in open water.  The lake is also overgrown and wild and we were warned that the fish run into doubles and scrap well. This certainly proved to be the case!

Winner on the day was Mark Baker who started on the bomb and pellet tactics, before picking a few more fish up on the pellet waggler.  Mark then switched to banded pellet to his right margin and caught steadily throughout the day.  His left margin had been primed with groundbait and maggots and this came alive in the last hour.

Runner-up was Andy Paton (Cupcake) who started on long pole, picking off fish steadily, before focusing on his left margin.  Cupcake ended up fishing tight red Hydro elastic just to stand a chance of preventing the fish getting into the snags.

Craig Foulds made a rare appearance and took third place.  Craig found a flat area in his left margin where it ended up being a decent carp every put in . . .   if only he’d found it earlier!

Barry Stokes drew famous peg 1 – famous for holding larger fish that live in the stick-ups.  Unfortunately, on this peg you need seriously heavy equipment to stand a chance of getting the fish out.  It was an early bath for Baz who sadly snapped his no4 section and top kit, plus lost lots of other tackle in his bid to stop them getting in the sticks.

All the anglers that turned up to fish Beeches thoroughly enjoyed the day.  This is certainly one to discuss regarding future bookings.

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