River Trent, Fiskerton & Rolleston – 17th June 2018

  1. Mark Baker          18lb  3oz
  2. Barry Stokes          6lb  8oz
  3. Greg Chapman      2lb  9oz

With it being the first match of the year on the River Trent, anticipation levels were high as the Lamcote Cup came around once again. Nine Radcliffe legends were to take part, dividing into teams red and black. Team Black captain, Mark Baker, had high hopes when he drew out famous barbel peg 22 at Fiskerton. For the rest of the Radcliffe legends it would be a game of chance and hope.

The match kicked off on time, with the river looking low, moody but also exciting. Two hours in and rumours began to circulate up and down the bank that Mark Baker had already had an 11lb barbel. Meanwhile, Barry Stokes on peg 18 at Rolleston, who had spent two hours on the feeder trying to catch bream with no success, had now switched to the waggler and was catching roach at a steady pace.

Greg Chapman, captain of Team Red and also pegged at Rolleston, was finding some quality roach on the feeder.
As the day drew on the low river conditions made for a challenging match for all taking part, with Radcliffe’s Team Black finally finishing 4th overall and remaining in strong contention right to the final whistle – well done lads!

On a Radcliffe note, Mark Baker continued from his early lead, taking a clear 1st place with an impressive river weight of 18lb 3oz. Barry Stokes then came in 2nd with a hard-earned 6lb 8oz and Greg Chapman fishing hard to the last took 3rd with 2lb 9oz.

Angler of the day has to go to Mark Baker with his impressive 11lb barbel.

Roll on to next year’s cup when ‘Super Cooper’ will be stepping up to captain a new team!

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