Aldercar Lakes – 20th May 2018

Acorn Pool

  1. Andrew Patton     82lb  6oz
  2. Barry Stokes         66lb 11oz
  3. Josh Derry            65lb 12oz

A total of 17 Radcliffe legends made the long trip out to Aldercar Lakes. Ray, however, found himself sitting in the café at Hemmington Lakes, amazed at the poor turnout! Once Ray joined the rest of the club at Aldercar the draw got off on time. With everyone hoping to draw the end pegs on Acorn Lake, it was Nick Martin and Greg Chapman who drew the favoured corner pegs.

The match kicked off with Nick Martin finding some early carp. Andrew Patton also found some early fish, fishing caster shallow. Meanwhile, last year’s lake winner, Nic Wort, seemed to be having a rather frustrating day being pegged alongside Barry Stokes and ‘Cupcake’ and clearly feeling the pressure.

As the match progressed, Andrew caught carp steadily, as did Barry Stokes, but it was Andrew Patton who went on to win the match with a weight of 82lb 6oz, leaving Barry to take second place with a weight of 66lb 11oz.

Young Josh Derry, fishing a combination of the pole shallow and the feeder over to the island, fought well to finish third overall with a weight of 65lb 12oz.

Angler of the day went to Josh Derry for his impressive performance, which was eventually rewarded with a well-deserved third place.

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