Willow Lakes – 26th November 2017

Ash & Chestnut Lakes  (Winter League – Match 1)

  1. Mark Baker                 20lb 14oz
  2. Bernard Robinson     15lb  1oz
  3. Colin Elliott                 12lb  0oz

With the start of the RoTAS Winter League now underway, a frosty start was always going to make it a difficult day for the 15 anglers taking part. As predicted, weights were relatively low today with Mark Baker on Ash Lake, peg 21, winning by dobbing bread and popping up bread on the tip. Meanwhile, Bernard Robinson drew peg 21 on Chestnut Lake to claim second place with a nice net of crucian carp, and Colin Elliott came 3rd off Chestnut peg 6 with two carp on the tip to weigh 12lb – but failed to put a small skimmer in the weigh sling of about an ounce!

There was a section win (and 4th overall) for Phil Aldridge upon his return to RoTAS, taken from peg 15 (Ash) with 10lb 10oz, whilst John Farrow took the other section win off peg 15 (Chestnut) with one carp of 4lb 8oz.

The Golden Peg this time is drawn at the start of the match (if we remember!) and, if this is not the winning peg, then 2 pegs are drawn after the match to split the winnings between 2 lucky anglers – who turned out to be the two section winners today, Phil Aldridge and John Farrow.

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