Portland Waters – 8th October 2017

Canal Pool   (Delegate’s Shield)

  1. Steve Rutter      69lb  4oz
  2. Chris Smith       65lb  8oz
  3. Rick Smith         60lb  4oz

With the weather starting to cool off, fishing is starting to get harder generally. But with poor water quality associated with green algae in the lake, this made fishing very difficult here today for the 21 anglers who fished the match.

Fish didn’t really want to feed but, with three great anglers on pegs 17-19, these guys managed to catch a few! Steve Rutter topped the frame, taking 69lb 4oz from peg 18 – closely followed by Chris Smith off peg 17 with 65lb 8oz for second spot. Ricky Smith completed the frame off peg 19 with 60lb 4oz for third.

Dave Burton won Section 1 with 27lb 13oz from peg 4 and Martin Staley won Section 2 with 51lb 13oz off peg 28. Mystery weight went to Dan Farrow off peg 24 with 20lb 7oz, and new Junior member Josh Derry had a good day weighing in 32lb 5oz for 7th place overall. Phil Bridges nearly went for a swim when his box collapsed and fell in, much to Nic’s amusement off the next peg!



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