Hackett’s Lakes – 24th September 2017

Big Lake – both banks (Malcolm Whitehead Trophy)

  1. Mark Baker             77lb 11oz
  2. Charlotte Baker      53lb  5oz
  3. Ian Farrow               45lb  4oz

With it being a warm and calm September day, a good day’s fishing looked on the cards. However, things didn’t work out quite like that and most struggled – but not the Bakers! ‘Next peg buddies’ for the day, they managed to take the top two frame positions – 1st from peg 10 for Mark with 77lb 11oz and 2nd from peg 11 for Charlotte with a solid 53lb 5oz.

Ian Farrow was on peg 15 and managed to claim third on the day with 45lb 4oz. Barry Stokes from peg 40 (“rubbish area of the lake”, according to Barry!) rained 8mm pellets over his waggler like a mad man for two hours and managed to winkle out 3 quick carp and one late on for 32lb 8oz to claim the Section 2 win. Great angling Baz! Meanwhile, Andy Carr has now sneaked up the table to 3rd overall with 18lb 13oz and the Section 1 win from peg 18. New Junior member Josh Derry, fishing from peg 13, managed to claim the Mystery Weight prize.

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