Little John Lakes – 27th August 2017

Maid Marion Pool (Earl of Chesterfield Cup)

  1. Jamie Rawlins     85lb  0oz
  2. Dave Burton       80lb 11oz
  3. Nic Wort              78lb  8oz

With 19 anglers fishing the match, pegging was tight, so drawing a good peg would be key. Nic Wort and Mark Baker drew in a favoured area (pegs 24 and 25 respectively), with Mark’s peg winning the last match on this lake. So Nic was making his excuses before the match had even started, complaining of a bad back! Meanwhile Jamie Rawlins drew unfancied peg 8, which turned out to be one of the golden pegs – so the prize money of over £250 looked safe for another week!! Or was it?

With the ‘all in’, fish were being caught all over the lake so it was difficult to see who would come out on top. At the weigh-in Jamie weighed in a sound 85lb, with all other weights pulling up short. Jamie had done it, not only winning the match but the GOLDEN PEG too! His wife will have fun spending this when she finds out about it?!! Or will she?

Second place was well fought out between a number of pegs, with Ian Farrow, Dave Burton, Nic Wort, Rick Smith and Rich Nickels all catching well all day. In the end, Dave won the battle from peg 1, taking his fish on the tip to claim 2nd place. Nic Wort on peg 24 sneaked into 3rd spot, extending his lead at the top of the league table and completing the frame. Ian Farrow was 4th on the day and also the Section 2 winner with 76lb 8oz, whilst Rick Smith was the Section 1 winner with 73lb 6oz and 5th overall.

The Mystery Weight went to Martin Staley from peg 15 with 25lb 3oz and Rich Nickels beat Phil Johnson in the KO Cup, so he will now meet Mark Baker in the semi-final. All 19 anglers weighed in, and even the lowest couple of weights were very close to 20lb.

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