Janson Fishery – 2nd July 2017

Match Lake  (President’s Cup)

  1. Mark Baker           203lb  0oz
  2. Dave Burton         152lb  7oz
  3. Jamie Rawlinson   152lb  6oz

Match 7 at Janson was always going to be a highlight in the RoTAS calendar for high weights, and so it proved. With 11 anglers catching over 100lb, the average weight caught per angler was also over 100lb!! A total of 22 anglers fished the match.

Mark Baker has found his mojo again, Charlotte will be pleased to hear, with Mark not only winning this match but also beating his PB match weight with a staggering 203lb from peg 34.

Dave Burton came a distant second but with a PB match weight too. He weighed in with a solid 152lb 7oz from peg 30, narrowly beating the paste master Jamie Rawlinson by a mere 1oz, who was on peg 33.

With the net limits at Janson now being 60lb, anything over this weight in one net will be rolled back to 60lb. Bernard Robinson made the schoolboy error of going over in one net by 7lb, which cost him dearly as he would have otherwise weighed 153lb to finish second. Instead the penalty caused him to drop back to 5th place, allowing Barry Stokes to sneak one pound in front for the section win along with Nick Martin for the other section win.

Bad luck to Charlotte Baker who was knocked out of the KO cup by Ray Walker by a close 5lb, but at least she won the mystery weight prize!

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