Barston Lakes – 4th June 2017

Big Lake, pegs 4 – 38   (C. Whittaker Trophy)

  1. Daz Tate                43lb  2oz
  2. Charlotte Baker    37lb  9oz
  3. Mark Baker           32lb  1oz

This was the first time RoTAS had visited Barston Lakes, and a total of 25 anglers made the trip out to the West Midlands for the match.  We had been pegged on the bank alongside the river, between pegs 4-38.  New member Daz Tate won his first match for the club, fishing a feeder at 50 yards on peg 30 and catching skimmers and two carp.

Charlotte put in another great feeder performance, taking carp on the pellet feeder from peg 18, and relegating Mark to 3rd place. In fact, Mark didn’t have the best start to the day, snapping the tip off his long feeder rod. However, he did go on and catch 5 carp, casting over 80 yards to find the fish at peg 28.

In the KO Competition, Richard Nickels, Charlotte Baker and John Farrow all progressed to the next round.

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