Little John Lakes – 9th April 2017

Friar Tuck Pool (R. Chapman Trophy)

  1. Colin Elliott         89lb 11oz
  2. Andy Gammon   63lb  9oz
  3. Charlotte Baker  53lb  6oz

What a day! We arrived at the fishery to find the gates locked and the owner nowhere to be seen.  After 45 minutes of waiting, Mark Baker contacted a local angler who knew where the owner lived – so they drove round and woke him up! The delay forced the match to be reduced from the normal six hours to five. On a positive note, the weather was sunny and glorious, with a mild but strong wind.

A total of 21 anglers fished the match, which was dominated by new members. Colin Elliott fished the method feeder all day from peg 22 to amass a decent 89lb 11oz for his match win.  Andy Gammon, another new member, fished for silvers most of the day at peg 19, catching ide, skimmers and carp to weigh 63lb 9oz.

Club secretary Charlotte Baker put in a great performance, catching on top kit plus one on meat, and also on banjo feeder with banded pellet, to finish with 53lb 6oz from peg 6. It would be impolite not to mention that Mark could only manage 12th place with less than half her weight!!

Early KO Cup results included wins for Steve Rutter, Colin Elliott, Gary Pilsworth, Kevin Elliott and Phil Johnson.

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