Portland Waters – 12th March 2017

Old Wood Pool  (Winter League – Match 10)

  1. Barry Stokes           18lb 14oz
  2. Greg Chapman       10lb  7oz
  3. Dave Burton             9lb  2oz

Ten members and two guests fished this final match in the RoTAS Winter League series, and all but one weighed in.

After the warmer weather during the previous few days, and with a couple of club members catching during practice in the week, optimism was high for a good day’s fishing – but alas, this wasn’t to be.

Dave Burton, the incoming Match Secretary, took the reins for this match. He was quietly pleased after following Mark’s normal habit of letting every other angler take all their pegs, to leave the flier in the bag for him!

But on the ‘all in’, it was clear from the start that the carp were not feeding. Barry ‘catch-and-release’ Stokes on Peg 2 lost one fish early on and was soon on his short line after the silvers. He caught steadily all day in patches for the win. Greg Chapman was on Mark’s favourite peg 24 and was also quickly on the silvers on a short line. He then hooked into a beast in the afternoon which took him half an hour to land but, with it earning him 2nd place, he wasn’t complaining! What about Dave Burton on the FLIER?? He had plenty of advice on how to fish peg 21 but, after catching a small F1 in the first 3 hours, he went on his short line for the last 2 hours and caught good size roach to settle for 3rd place.

Well done to Mark Baker (4th on the day with 8lb 3oz from peg 34), as he had already won the Winter League series despite others thinking he could be caught.

Thank you to all members for turning out this winter for RoTAS’s first Winter League and supporting your club.

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