Janson Fishery – 5th March 2017

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 9)

  1. Nic Wort                45lb 15oz
  2. Richard Nickels     29lb  8oz
  3. Mike Atherton       24lb  6oz

Only five anglers fished this latest round of the RoTAS Winter League. The weather was a bit cooler after the warmer weather of the last couple of weeks; it was windy and rained for most of the day too!

Still, with only five fishing the match each angler had plenty of water – even though the bailiff fished on peg 4 for the day.

The match started a bit slow for everyone, with odd fish being caught dobbing, but a lot of foul hooking was going on again as the carp were not really feeding.

Nic struggled in the morning on peg 13, foul hooking a few but catching the odd fish. He also fed a line down the track with pellet and corn and went on this line for the last hour and a half, catching carp consistently for the rest of the match for the win.

Rich drew peg 7 (as Mark was not there to draw it!!) and fished down the track to catch a good net of silvers, together with a few small carp dobbing over, for his 2nd place.

Mike was on peg 1 and had 5 pegs to fish in, but caught mainly down towards Nic on 13, dobbing, to complete the frame.

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