Janson Fishery – 4th December 2016

Doughnut Pool  (Winter League – Match 1)

  1. Mark Baker         46lb  7oz
  2. Mike Atherton     16lb  1oz
  3. R  Walker             16lb  0oz

Radcliffe’s first Winter League match saw them visit Janson’s Fishery, with the match being on the Doughnut pool.  As the 9 anglers enjoyed their breakfast cobs it was clear to see there were some fish in front of pegs 6-8.

Mark took the last peg in the bag and was lucky enough to find it was peg 7.  He opted to dob bread 6 inches off the deck to catch small carp throughout the day, and even the odd barbel.  This was enough for him to win comfortably with 46lb 7oz.

Only 1 ounce separated second and  third places, with Mike coming out on top thanks to an extra roach.

David Burton did well from Peg 2, landing 14lb 4oz for 4th place despite the peg being in the shade for the entire match.  In contrast, Bernard and Mike struggled to fish the far bank as the sun was in their eyes for most of the match.

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