Little John Lakes – 6th November 2016

Friar Tuck Pool  (R. Chapman Trophy)

  1. Nic Wort                  37lb  9oz
  2. Mick McLoughlan    30lb  5oz
  3. Charlotte Baker       27lb 13oz

What a day!  The cold weather had certainly arrived, making the fishing very difficult for many of the 16 anglers who took part in this match.  The hope was that the good head of silvers would keep bites plentiful – but unfortunately this proved not to be the case.

The locals were spot on with their info on which pegs would frame.  The fish seemed to be off the back of the wind, towards the car park end of the lake. Drawn on peg 4, Nic Wort claimed his first win of the season.  He caught carp and barbel against the spinner.  As is often the way, Nic also lost as many as he caught, with them snagging him against the spinner fittings.

Mick McLoughlan was on peg 1 and had a nice day’s fishing the tip to the corner of the island, seeing him narrowly beat off Charlotte Baker’s challenge from the next peg (peg 24).  Charlotte also adopted bomb and feeder tactics.

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