Makins Fishery – 28th August 2016

Phase 1, Lake 2  (Spall Shield)

  1. Barry Stokes    87lb 13oz
  2. Mark Baker      83lb  0oz
  3. Dave Burton    82lb 11oz

‘A’ Bank was where you wanted to draw in this match, with six out of the top seven weights all coming from that side.

Barry drew peg A9 and won his first match of the season, catching carp to 12lb on the bread feeder.  Mark was on the next peg (A8) and caught on pellet method as well as pellet banjo to the island.

Following his success in the previous match, David Burton almost did enough for another win, weighing 82lb 11oz of carp caught on the feeder from favoured peg A20.

This match hosted the semi-final of the KO Cup, which saw Mark Baker knock Gary Pilsworth out and proceed to the final, where he’ll face Andy Carr.

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