Rycroft – 5th June 2016

Moat Pool  (Bridgeway Shield)

  1. Steve Rutter   72lb  1oz
  2. Mark Baker    48lb 10oz
  3. Phil Johnson   42lb  2oz

The weather was glorious, but the fishing was harder than hoped for the 21 anglers who turned up for this return visit to Rycroft. Steve Rutter drew peg 25 and won his first match of the season, catching on the pellet waggler, bomb with pellet and the pole. Mark had another peg-to-peg battle in the K.O. cup against Phil Johnson. Phil was on peg 17 and, although he caught 6 more carp than Mark, Mark’s catch from peg 16 included a 14lb 10oz fish as well as another of over 10lb. These were taken on lobworm down the edge, whilst Phil caught on the long pole fishing meat.

Special mention also for Charlotte Baker for her creditable 4th place, landing 38lb 9oz on what turned out to be a tough day.

Apart from Mark’s success, there were other Knock-Out wins for Bernard Robinson and Steve Rutter.

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