Loughborough Canal – 23rd April 2016

Swingbridge stretch pegs 21 – 38  (Joe Marston Shield)

  1. Phil Johnson     14lb 13oz
  2. Gary Pilsworth   8lb  6oz
  3. Greg Chapman  3lb  1oz

Boat traffic, water tow and changing water levels offered different challenges to the 12 Radcliffe A.S. anglers that fished the Loughborough Canal this weekend.

In brighter than forecast conditions it was Phil Johnson who took the honors from end peg 21, catching skimmers throughout the day for a total of 14lb 13oz. Gary Pilsworth had a short but vital run of skimmers mid-match to claim second spot with 8lb 6oz and, completing the frame from the other end peg 33, was Greg Chapman with 3lb 1oz.

Sections went to Andy Carr on peg 25 and Richard Nickels on peg 29.

Canal Swingbridge 2   Canal Swingbridge

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