November 22nd Portland Waters (Old Lake), Fur & Feather

  1. Nick Martin    29lb  1oz
  2. Andy Carr      25lb 14oz
  3. Barry Stokes  21lb  1oz

It was rather fitting that the final match of the season should end with yet another ‘new’ winner. The 18 club matches in 2015 have resulted in no less than 12 different names topping the leader board. On this occasion it was Nick Martin who claimed his first club win, taking carp on the groundbait feeder from peg 2, casting 15 ft short of the island.  Nick used 5 maggots on the hook.

After winning the previous match, Andy Carr put in another solid performance, showing his all-year-round class.  Andy was in a battle with Richard Nickels for runner up spot in the league, and this performance secured him that place. Mark Baker had to settle for 16th place out of 21 on the day, but he had already done more than enough to be crowned Points and Aggregate Weight Champion once again.

Barry Stokes completed the frame, catching small carp and chub from peg 1 by fishing the bomb and casting all over the lake.

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