October 11th Hackett’s (Big Lake), White Rose Bowl

  1. Richard Nickels  81lb  9oz
  2. Nic Wort             63lb 10oz
  3. Ray Walker         22lb  5oz

Continuing the remarkable trend that was mentioned in the last match report, Richard Nickels secured his first win of the year, making him the 11th different winner in the club matches this season! Rich has been close a few times in previous matches, but he made the most of his peg (number 50) this time out and fished the method feeder at range, as well as the bomb and pellet in open water.

The ever consistent Nic Wort had to concede victory after battling away and coming close on the next peg (51), also catching on the tip.

Aside from the carp, there were some nice skimmer bream caught, along with decent perch. A total of 19 people fished the match and, whilst everyone weighed in and returned an average weight of just over 18lb, the rather ‘peggy’ nature of the venue meant that a fair number of anglers found it a bit of a struggle.

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