September 27th Makins (Lake 2), Delegate Shield

  1. Ian Farrow          75lb  1oz
  2. Richard Nickels   55lb  6oz
  3. Mark Baker         52lb 11oz

This was the 14th club match this season, and it produced the 10th different winner! There can’t be many clubs out there with such a range of talented match anglers!

As it was, Ian Farrow took the honours on this particular day, fishing the feeder on peg A4. Rich Nickels put in a good performance from B11, catching large carp down the edge to finish up in 2nd place.

Mark Baker struggled for most of the day but found two lumps down the edge in the final 30 minutes to boost his weight by 25lb that helped push him into the final frame slot.

Craig Welbourne and Barry Stokes  fished the final of the KO Cup.  Craig didn’t have the best start to the day, forgetting to bring his rods with him!!  But Craig put in a great performance on the pole to take 18lb of skimmers and a couple of lumps from down the edge, and this was enough to beat Barry from the next peg and win the cup.

The 19 people who fished the match returned an average weight of just under 28lb per angler, despite the fact that two didn’t weigh in.

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