September 13th Willow Lakes (Foston), Earl of Chesterfield Cup

  1. Barry Stokes  76lb 12oz
  2. Nic Wort         65lb  8oz
  3. Ian Farrow      63lb  4oz

Well done to Barry Stokes on winning his first club match of the season, having narrowly missing out in the previous match at Janson’s Fishery. He was drawn at peg 20 on Ash Lake in a match that also involved Barnstone A.C. The next highest placed Radcliffe angler on Ash Lake was Andy Carr, but he could only manage 8th place overall on the day and was over 30lb behind Barry.

Apart from Barry’s winning catch, Hawthorn Lake produced all the other leading Radcliffe weights, with Nic Wort on peg 11 from where he put a nice net of carp together for his 2nd place.

Ian Farrow drew Hawthorn peg 15 and narrowly beat his son Daniel (Hawthorn peg 28) by less than 1lb.  Daniel put in a great performance, fishing corn up against the island.

20 Radcliffe anglers fished the match, returning an average weight of exactly 34lb each.

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