August 16th River Trent (Radcliffe Viaducts), Radcliffe Cup

  1. Nic Wort         9lb  2oz
  2. Dave Cooper  7lb 13oz
  3. Mark Baker     5lb  6oz

A total of 16 anglers fished this match, with Nic Wort winning for the first time this season. He was on peg 36 and much of his weight was down to a 5lb 5oz pike.  The rest of Nic’s catch was made up with perch and small roach.

Dave Cooper was unlucky not to win (possibly for the first time?).  He drew peg 44 and fished the waggler, catching steadily throughout the day.  His net included many perch, with some up to the 1lb mark.  Dave also fished the feeder for a short time and lost what he believed to be a decent bream.

Mark fished the stick float and waggler at peg 42, finishing up with 5lb 6oz of small silvers.

Lee Coxon caught a bream on his first cast of the feeder, and also a small pike – enough to give him 4th place with 4lb 12oz.

The average weight returned was just under 3lb per angler, with 2 people not weighing in.

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