August 2nd Rycroft (Clover), Frank Richmond Trophy

  1. Bernard Robinson  65lb 15oz
  2. Steve Rutter           50lb  6oz
  3. Andy Carr               48lb  4oz

Bernard was drawn on corner peg 7 and caught by fishing short, mostly in the margins with 50lb 3 oz of carp and 15lb 12oz of silvers. Dan Farrow included a personal best carp of 15lb 10oz in his net, helping him to 4th place on the day with a total weight of 44lb 1oz. Although there are 26 pegs on the lake it would have been difficult to fish with more than the 16 who took part in this match. At least 4 of the platforms were dangerous and left out and, because of the lake’s shape (triangular), pegging the corners fairly was not easy. If all three anglers in the corner had chucked a feeder out we would have been in a right mess! So, if we go there again it is suggested that it be a ‘float only’ match!

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