July 19th Portland Waters (Old Lake), President’s Cup

  1. Mark Baker     110lb 0oz
  2. David Burton  100lb 0oz
  3. Andy Carr         76lb 13oz

The match was won by Mark Baker from peg 17, fishing method feeder to the island with Swimstim 1mm and 3mm red krill pellets. Runner up on the day was David Burton who was on peg 8. He caught fish against the island on feeder early on in the day, and then had better sized carp in his margin swim during the second half of the match. Third place went to Andy Carr who caught consistently throughout the day on the feeder to open water from peg 22.

Two knock out rounds were fished on the day. Craig Welbourne knocked Gary Pilsworth out of the cup, with Craig now marching into the semi-final where he will face Mark Baker. Charlotte Baker fished against Barry Stokes and was knocked out of the semi-final after Barry weighed in 52lb 07oz on pellet waggler/bomb tactics.

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