June 7th Portland Waters (Four Islands), Bridgeway Shield

  1. Craig Welbourne  85lb 14oz
  2. David Burton        84lb  9oz
  3. Nick Martin           67lb  9oz

The venue fished a lot harder than expected, although all 22 anglers did manage to weigh in.  It was likely that the fish had recently spawned and were now resting up.

As with previous years, the pegs on the spit seemed to fish best.  Craig Welbourne drew peg 22 and had his first club win, fishing dead red maggot to catch throughout the day on pole.  David Burton was on the next peg (23) and took advantage of a few spare pegs to his left, casting a feeder long to his left to build his weight.  Nick Martin was on peg 28 and had a good match, catching from the corner of the island.

Barry Stokes fished the pellet waggler, finishing up in 7th place after catching some nice carp and a duck! The duck was safely returned, although not before Barry had been given an earful from the angry bird! His weight was enough to see him knock Nic Wort out of the KO Cup.  Charlotte Baker fished a great match, catching carp on the feeder having put her pole out of action after standing on her no. 7 section!  Charlotte’s net saw her knock Ian Farrow out of the KO Cup.

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