May 10th Willow Lakes (Foston), Howard Trophy

  1. Mark Baker       71lb 12oz
  2. Andy Carr          35lb  2oz
  3. Vince Ciampoli   27lb  4oz

This match was switched from the Loughborough Canal to Willow Lakes at Foston because dredgers were working on the canal.

Although hemmed in, Mark’s corner peg 13 was far from unlucky! He had the wind blowing into it, meaning that there were plenty of fish in the area.  He caught some big ‘ghosties’ down the edge on double 8mm meat, as well as ‘mugging’ a few fish that were drifting around enjoying the sun.

Andy Carr was second off peg 9, and caught the majority of his fish on the feeder, casting up the gap. Vince completed the frame, having drawn peg 22.

Mark Baker beat Richard Nickels in the KO Cup, avenging his son Cory, who Richard beat in the previous match!

A total of 18 anglers fished the match, returning an average weight of just under 16lb.

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