May 24th Jansons (Match Lake), Spall Cup & Spall Jnr Cup

  1. Bernard Robinson  99lb 3oz
  2. Nic Wort                  84lb 5oz
  3. Barry Stokes           83lb 5oz

This match had originally been scheduled for Munroes. However, due to a late cancellation the match was moved to the larger Match Pool.  In the event, the venue fished harder than normal, with the fish grouping together and not really in the mood for feeding.

Bernard was on peg 12 and just missed out on the tonne, catching across and down the edge using pellet and maggot.  He also had a good sized ide, weighing 3lb (creating a new club joint record with Dave Cooper).

It was good to have Nic back fishing with us.  He drew peg 3 and caught across in the reeds on maggot.

Completing the frame, Barry Stokes drew his usual corner peg (24), and was also next to his nemesis, Pete!  Barry fished 14.5 metres, catching carp against the reeds on maggots.

Daniel Farrow retained the Junior Spall Cup against Cory, with just 1lb 10oz separating them.

Nic Wort knocked Lee Coxon out of the KO Cup, whilst Gary Pilsworth also knocked Stuart Coxon out too.

22 anglers fished the match, all weighing in and returning an average weight of just under 44lb each.

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