April 26th Makins (Lake 2), Stanley Trophy

  1. Kev Chaplin  102lb 10oz
  2. Mark Baker    73lb 10oz
  3. Andy Carr       72lb  8oz

Kev was drawn on peg A4 and took a comfortable win, catching carp shallow against the island, using both pole and waggler tactics. Mark was in the frame for a second consecutive match, catching fish against the island at peg A9 on the banjo, shallow on pole and down the margin.

Andy Carr was on A20 and caught some huge carp, including one weighing 15lb 15oz on chopped worm that currently stands as the best specimen fish so far this season. It will probably take some beating!

Daniel Farrow continues to push Ian (his dad), narrowly missing out on beating him again. Meanwhile, Richard Nickels finished up as the highest placed angler from the ‘B’ pegs – taking 25lb 13oz from B25 for 6th place overall to knock Cory Williamson out of the KO Cup. Gary Pilsworth also did enough to knock Daniel out of the cup.

All 20 anglers weighed in, returning an average of just over 26lb per person.

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