April 12th   Little John Lakes (Friar Tuck), C. Whittaker Trophy

1. John Urruty  61lb 6oz

2. Andy Carr     54lb 9oz

3. Dez Phillips   49lb 4oz

The main talking point amongst the 24 anglers who fished this first match of the season was the good old British weather! In particular the wind was awful, blowing bait tubs, caps and pole sections all over the fishery.  Mark Baker had his no 7 section blown into the lake and had to strip off to find it, (much to Cory’s amusement)!

But John Urruty wasn’t complaining at the end, catching carp, ide and chub steadily throughout the day at peg 21, on short pole and feeder tactics, for his winning weight. Andy Carr was pegged next to John (peg 22) and fished similar tactics.  Andy also managed to catch local celebrity Eric the Sturgeon, weighing 5lb. Dez’s return to the RoTAS match scene saw him fish a steady match, catching carp on short pole and feeder from peg 19.

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